Despite an increasing number of us choosing cage-free eggs at the supermarket, there are still over 10 million hens that are kept in cruel, barren battery cages in Australia. The majority of these cage eggs are being served up in the food service industry, when you dine out, or as ingredients in pre-made items you purchase. Thankfully there are many cafes and restaurants doing the right thing and only serving cage-free eggs, and you can find a bunch of them on RSPCA’s Choose Wisely website. So it was great to work on this spot with Michelle Bridges to get the message out that you can help get hens out of cages by taking the pledge to always choose cage-free eggs when you’re eating out, as well as at home.  Thanks to the crew at Eluminate for their eggcellent production, and to RSPCA Australia for their tireless efforts in improving the lives of all creatures great and small.