Flying-foxes are keystone pollinators and seed dispersers of the Australian bush. The job of propagating over 100 species of native trees and plants falls fairly and squarely on their tiny shoulders. Without them, there would be no food and shelter for our koalas, no pristine habitat for our extraordinary array of native birds, and no magnificent forests for all of us to enjoy. But due to loss of habitat and climatic changes, their numbers are falling dramatically. The Grey-Headed Flying-fox is now listed as vulnerable to extinction. This loss of natural habitat and food availability has seen them increasingly set up camp near towns in search of food and shelter, affecting residents and communities. So we were thrilled to be invited by Rollingball to help develop the Creative Strategy and content for the Little Aussie Bat campaign for the Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils, to help dispel a few myths and spread the word about these amazing Little Aussie Battlers of the Great Australian Bush.

Campaign lead: Rollingball

Creative Strategy: The Proverbials

Design: Ronnoco