Creativity is the defining attribute of humanity. No other species comes close to our capacity for creativity and innovation. But exactly what is creativity?


The 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing really highlighted what can be achieved when we set audacious goals. You don’t achieve great things like this by taking the easy path, you have to make things hard for yourself if you really want to make your mark.

Weapons of Mass Disruption

The power to build explosive brands is now in your hands. And if you use your WMDs to build brands that are good for humanity and good for the planet, you will stand out like The Proverbials.

Embrace your stupidity

If you want to develop great ideas that will stand out like the proverbials, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is embrace your stupidity.

The Bradspider Effect

If we want to implement logical, rational solutions to the problems we are facing – in the workplace or in the world – we have to ensure they are conveyed and implemented in a way that is emotionally palatable. For we humans are emotional beings.

Creativity – your most powerful business asset.

At last year’s Vivid festival, I was part of a panel of speakers discussing the importance of creativity to the economy. We came to the conclusion that ‘Creativity is the only legal form of competitive advantage.’